Queen Nandi


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Queen Nandi is a dynamic recording artist and songwriter for a new generation of music lovers, whose distinctive voice and unbridled creativity speaks to hip-hop purists and the mainstream music market alike. Striking a rare chord that blends authentic lyrical styles, underscored by a rhythmic flow that is delightfully refreshing and pleasantly unique, she delivers songs that have the emotional depth of old school Hip-Hop Soul and the infectious energy of today?s new school rap stars.

Although her sound is unique in virtually every aspect, she possesses a vocal tone that is smooth and comforting and seems to fall somewhere between the silky sounding LadyBug Mecca from the 1990?s Alternative Hip-Hop Group Digable Planets, the playfully inviting vocal tone of TDE Recording Artist SZA, and the sassy-bluesy sound of Neo-Soul / Hip-Hop legend Erykah Badu. From song to song and even within individual songs, you’ll find her seamlessly moving between the creative frequencies of Trap-Rap, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, R&B, Jazz, and Spoken Word, and even at times playfully delving into elements of youthful ?Bubblegum Rap?. But, yet and still, her sound manages to remain cohesive and purposeful.

Hailing from Atlanta, GA and influenced at an early age by poets and artists like Maya Angelou, Outkast, Goodie Mob, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, Eminem, and the storyteller Slick Rick, she evolved from a young 10-year old poet winning talent shows and oratorical competitions and giving speeches throughout Georgia, to a polished 22 year-old Rhythmic American Poet making her own brand of music, on a fast-track to gracing stages all over the world.

Her powerful lyrics are her own; as she is committed to making music that is genuine, beautiful, and hard enough to cut through to the streets. Now, with over 100 songs written, dozens of singles recorded, and several videos ready for release, Nandi?s goal is to release 1 song and 1 video, every week of every month, for the next 2 years, until she has established an inescapable global presence.

As an independent artist managed by a team of experienced industry veterans and signed to a production deal with Atlanta Music Network, she is ready to take center stage with her mixture of catchy melodies and evocative lyrics. Further supported by tour production company, GEP Network, she is a welcome addition to a roster of GEP Clients that features such luminaries as Kendrick Lamar, Jill Scott, Outkast, J. Cole, Mary J. Blige, A$AP Rocky and Nicki Minaj.

Whether it be through spoken word, a rap, a song, through an acting role, a movie script, a podcast, a community initiative, or through a political campaign, Queen Nandi is determined to live up to the history, prestige, and power that resides in her name. She is the voice of a new generation of hip-hop artists and is able to speak her truths, in her words, without fear and in a style that is both infectious and also creatively liberating.

Queen Nandi - Birds In Studio Music Video